What’s really in Honey Nut Cheerios?

 You may have had Honey Nut Cheerios and you may love them. You may even be part of the audience that sees commercials for the cereal and other General Mills products that claim how good for you they are because they are made with whole grain.

The average consumer doesn’t bother to read food labels, or go a step further than the label and actually read the list of ingredients. Only the educated consumers know they should read labels and only a fraction of those folks actually read the ingredients list beneath the label.

Food manufacturers know this and that is why they continue to make products with garbage in them and continue to market their nonsense to us knowing a majority of us just got with it, believing everything we’re told.

Take a look at this label. In case you don’t know how to read labels (part of what I teach my clients when we go through the Six Dimensions of Success (see Six Dimensions of Success Tab on my website for more information) the ingredients are listed in order of the amount of the ingredients in that container. For example, the first ingredient is whole grain oats, but the second ingredient is sugar, the third is modified corn starch (google that and see if you’re okay with eating modified ingredients), fourth is honey and fifth is brown sugar syrup.


I recognize honey is in there but unless it’s organic, my question is always, “What have they done to it? What process has it gone through?”

Want a sugary start to your day wrapped in whole grains? Take your favorite candy bar and wrap a slice of whole grain bread around it. Stop the deception! Start reading your labels and if you don’t know what an ingredient is or it’s not something you can pronounce, you probably shouldn’t be eating it! Research each ingredient and see how you feel after you make your discoveries. Share your findings in the comment section of this post!

Happy Hunting!


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One thought on “What’s really in Honey Nut Cheerios?

  1. 5 of the top 5 ingredients are garbage. Why do you need whole grains? What do they do for you that veggies can’t do? As far as honey goes, it’s still just sugar. It’s the same thing as eating spoonfuls of corn syrup. Why not just have some whole eggs for breakfast instead? Just my opinion.

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