Arctic Zero Ice Cream

You know it’s got to be awesome if I’m blogging about it! Recently, a friend of mine shared a wonderful ice cream with me and it has now become a go-to staple in my freezer.

It’s called Arctic Zero. There are a variety of flavors and my favorite so far is the Mint Chocolate. A scoop or two of that with some sugar-free whipped cream is a little bowl of heaven!

At 37.5 calories per half cup,  (150 calories if you eat the entire pint) Fat-Free, Lactose-Intolerant Friendly, Gluten Free, very little organic sugar, this is truly a gift worth getting and well worth its price tag. It’s not ghastly, but around $4 plus tax for a pint. Let’s see…your Venti Starbucks Frappuccino or an entire pint of heaven….hmmm….

Where did you get it!!???

I have seen it at Whole Foods as well as the Publix Greenwise Markets and some regular Publix supermarkets. Remember – if you don’t see it at your local grocer, take the name of the product (any product) to the Grocery Manager and ask them to order it for you. Ask how long it will take to get the product on the shelf and check back in that amount of time to have your wishes granted.

Happy Hunting! Might be just what you need to get those Saturday nights under control!



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