Pop Quiz – and be honest. Say the first thing that comes into your mind:

Do you have a mountain of papers and/or miscellaneous crap consuming your life?

If you said you do, keep reading. This blog’s for you.

Mounting paperwork, items that need to be shredded and other personal items that we accumulate and hardly use begin to consume our lives to the point of embarrassment.

Do you fear having company? That surprise guest? A date? What if you got the job of your dreams and had to move tomorrow? Would your headache be more from finding new real estate or from dealing with the surmounting level of roadblocks building throughout your home?

Got a junk drawer? How about piles in corners on the floor? Are you a hoarder? Maybe not. Maybe you just turned blinders on to the most important element in your life: YOU!

It will not be an easy process but the minute you face the music and go through your home, junk drawers, trunk, backseat, storage units, garages and attics, you will begin to feel less of the elephant sitting on your chest known as anxiety.

If the mere thought of looking at your spaces, closets and more, makes you cringe – how can you possibly and rightfully expect better things to come to you? You wouldn’t have anywhere to put them!

Start leading a proactive rather than a reactive lifestyle.

Be the cause – not the effected.

Do you want less obligations in your life? Do you want more space to breathe? Do you want to walk in the shoes of a minimalist? Get rid of the junk! If you haven’t touched it in 6 months and it lives under your guest bathroom sink, GET RID OF IT!

Feel guilty throwing it away because it’s been barely used? Box up your extra stuff and take it to a local place of worship or community outreach center. People who have nothing or close to nothing are grateful for everything. It’s not trash – it’s paying it forward. Your items should be in good condition if you’ve barely used them. If you’ve really used them, (i.e. your shampoo bottle has a third left and it’s one bottle of twelve) pitch it or condense the bottles into a couple if it’s the same shampoo.

Start taking your life by the horns! It’s your life! Don’t you deserve to go in the direction YOU desire? If you go where you’re directed, who knows where you’ll end up? My guess is that out of anyone who might guess and be right, you would be the only one who didn’t have a clue.



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