“I’ll Have Another…or will you?”

It’s Saturday! Pretty soon, night will fall and there might be a cocktail or five with your name on it. Would you like to save some calories while you drink? Here are some great choices as well as some awful choices. These should help you decide if you really want to have another:

Lower-calorie drinks:

All light beers. (White Ale or blondes are not lighter beers. Don’t be deceived!)

Wine (if you’re at home and heavy-handed you may want to have a friend over so you can share the bottle and be the gracious host and let them do the pouring.)


Gin and tonic


Mai Tai

Vodka Tonic


Sex on the Beach


Jack and Diet Coke

Rum and Diet Coke

Bloody Mary


Don’t “WAIST” your time on…

Long Island Iced Tea

White Russian

Margaritas (unless they’re of the “gourmet” variety where they actually give you alcohol instead of mostly mix – hint: Chili’s is NOT gourmet!)

Pina Colada

Frozen Mudslide – you’re better off eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby. Yes, the ENTIRE pint.


You can still enjoy a cocktail or two and have a good time. If you’re into spending a day’s worth of calories on cocktails, you may want to rethink that. Finding an even balance is easy – eat lightly, don’t eat a ton of carbohydrates and make sure you have some food in your stomach before you start cocktail hours. Keep your goals in sight and stick to them!

Food and wine are temporary – success is forever.


One thought on ““I’ll Have Another…or will you?”

  1. I went out last night and actually had a drink on this list. It was almost 400 calories. Thanks to my handy dandy app that holds my foods for the day and counts my calories. I had already ordered it and I did enjoy it because it happens once a year but boy was that an eye opener. Great advice as always Johnny!

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