IHOP Omelets

Did you know there’s a splash of pancake batter in IHOP omelets? Thanks for the fine print, guys! I recently read this on their menu when I joined my family for pancakes there. I planned on having an omelet while everyone else ate pancakes, but after seeing that little blurb on the menu, I thought twice.

I told the server I wasn’t going to eat anything because I had a wheat allergy and was planning on having a specific omelet that I didn’t know was made with the batter. Once she heard that, she took exceptional care of me and after speaking to the guys in the kitchen, told me they could make it with fresh eggs instead of the pre-made vat of “egg.”

As a foodie, I could tell the definite difference between the ‘eggs’ and the real ones used to make my omelet. The fresh egg version of the omelet has to be better than the omelet infused with batter. Yuck!

Word to the wise people – READ the menu! So often we think we know what it says. Think again!

Be careful out there!


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