The Power of Dried Plums

Sunsweet calls them, “The American Super Fruit.”

They’re referring to dried plums, which are insanely good and great for you!

Dried plums are great sources of whole fruit antioxidants, potassium and an awesome source of fiber.

Where can you get this super food?

Check your local grocer. They keep them on the aisle and call them PRUNES! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Power of Dried Plums

  1. They are very high in sugar and carbs – diabetics need to be careful with these – not too good for them. Good for fiber and vitamin K – low in sodium and fat but that sugar really kills it.

    1. On the label of my package it says for diabetic exchange it’s 2 fruits. It also says that “dried fruits have fiber along with carbohydrates and can be a good choice in your diabetic meal plan.” Of course, if you’re a diabetic, you have to make the individual choices that work best for you and your eating. Thanks for cautioning other diabetics, Shelley! 🙂

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