Summer is Speeding Toward Us…Are You Ready?

The closure of the month of May usually sounds like:

How’s that diet going?

What diet?

Oh – remember – that diet you started in January that you stopped in February, that you started again in March that you stopped later in March and finally picked up after the April holidays to “get ready for swimsuit season?”


Yeah. That one. 

Soooooo typical. Let’s see. Do you feel motivated? Inspired? Encouraged? Have you set goals? Are you accountable to anyone or anything? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU NEED A COACH! YOU NEED JOHNNY!

 It’s probably been a while since you’ve checked out the extremely reasonable coaching rates over on my Coaching Rates tab on my website You can spend your time however you need to. You can stretch $56 for an entire month or more, if needed! Better to stretch some cash than to stretch and bust a seam in a swimsuit. Have you ever seen a one-piece become a bikini? It’s not pretty.

 If you’re tired of not getting anywhere, May is almost over! Don’t get caught in the middle of July wishing you had done something 6 weeks ago (which would be now!) Start today!

 Email Johnny at or call 561-536-6316. Stop wishing for success! GO GET IT!




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