Oh yeah? Make me!

Some mornings, you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. It’s not necessarily depression or anything, though, sometimes it is – but most of the time the feeling of “snug-as-a-bug” is so overwhelming that any movement out of it equates to pure drudgery.

 This morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my back, felt very stiff and apparently slept like a pretzel. I had a commitment to meet my very excellent friend at the gym for our Step class and I totally wanted to go, but with the pain in my back, I almost didn’t.

 As I sat at the table on my lanai witnessing a serene sunrise, I thought about what my day would look like if I didn’t go; what my food choices would be and how I would feel. My habitual response is, “Eh…later.”

 Today I took a different approach. I continued to watch the sunrise and continued to infuse my thoughts with positivity, optimism and desires. As it came to be time to leave for the class, I had already sent a text to my friend asking for some stretching tips to help me alleviate my discomfort. When I arrived at the gym, the first thing we did was stretch it out and then we jumped into our class, enjoyed the unusually great music and proceeded to get a great workout. Had I sat on my duff and whined about how bad I felt and had I not MADE MYSELF go, I would not have accomplished everything else I did this morning.

 Sometimes, you just have to push on because deep down, you know better! If you err on the side of knowing better and trusting yourself, your days will be brighter, your smile will get bigger and your belief in yourself will reach unparalleled heights.




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