Weight Loss: The Battle

The issue with weight lost and weight gained is that your successes and your failures are VERY public. Someone once told me, “What you eat in private, you eventually wear in public.” Truer words were never spoken. Publicly, people know when your food management is good and when it’s a total mess.  Whether you were humiliated by an individual or a group, or by no direct means at all, having to carry that burden of failure around in the event you suffer a lapse in your success is one of, if not the most, challenging battles on every front.

You battle the emotional effect of feeling like a failure. That leads to a negative point of view about yourself which leads to depression which leads to needing comfort which leads you into a bag of chocolate, nature’s medicine.

You battle the physical effect because depending on how much you’ve gained, your clothes may no longer fit, you may feel like a stuffed sausage in everything you wear, you may feel ashamed and embarrassed to have to go to stores to buy bigger sizes, etc. As if the pain of having to admit you’re at least one size larger than you’re used to wasn’t enough, you have to endure the pain and agony of trying on those new clothes in the dressing rooms. Never mind the new sizes, or the money you’re spending on a new wardrobe that you’re not proud to sport, you actually have to stand in a dressing room in front of a three-way mirror and look at yourself as you put your clothes on. You can’t ask them to turn off the lights while you undress only to flip the switch once you are dressed – it just doesn’t happen that way. Buying new clothes forces you to look at yourself and it forces you to truly see just what you have done to yourself.

Once you see who you have truly become, you have a choice to make. You can either wallow in your self-pity, which usually leads to eating more, to where you’ll feel worse about yourself or you can stop it dead in its tracks and immediately take action. Few people actually choose the latter.

What will you choose?

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