Wednesday Winners





Time to have some fun! Here is some Wednesday supermarket trivia:

  • Most supermarkets wrap up weekly sales on Wednesdays and begin new sales on Thursdays.
  • Wednesday is the least popular day during the week for shoppers to visit supermarkets.
  • A handful of people shop on Wednesdays after 9:00 p.m. so if you want some more shopping space, shop late!
  • Wednesday is the midpoint of the week for most people. If your food choices haven’t been that great so far this week, take inventory of your refrigerator and cupboards and increase your chances at eating at home success by getting “the good stuff” in the house!
  • If you have time to go tonight and you shop for the week, you can relax on Saturday or Sunday during your normal “shop for the week” time slot.


Take my advice – any chance you get to make your life easier is a chance you should take! Happy Wednesday!



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One thought on “Wednesday Winners

  1. hey Johnny How have you been? I am trying to find another job. It’s tough but I’m hanging in there. talk to you soon

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