“Step” Up Your Activity!

In an effort to boost my own health, I declared this past weekend that Monday would start my newest gym initiative. This particular initiative would focus on hardcore, intense exercise that would require me to show up to the gym Monday-Friday and work on a different muscle group each day in a no holds barred fashion.

This morning I joined an awesome friend of mine, one of my favorite people in the world, in a Step class at our local branch of LA Fitness. I have to tell you – I had a great time. I used to go Step classes regularly and Step was one of the very first group fitness classes I attended at my heaviest weight, 120 pounds ago. However, over time,I lost interest in my routine and tried switching it up. I had also sustained a hamstring injury while on a dance floor on a cruise ship last fall because some drunkie had spilled their drink. No, I’m not referring to myself. Nice try! There were strict rules that no drinks were allowed on the dance floor because someone could get hurt – I give you Exhibit A; me.

 After 6 ½ months of taking it easy on my hamstring and doing other activities, I was able to return to Step class and scoot around that bench without a problem. Going to the class this morning reminded me of how much fun group fitness can be and I am now inspired to continue my efforts tomorrow. My Tuesday schedule doesn’t permit a Step class but I will be at the gym working it out, no doubt!



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One thought on ““Step” Up Your Activity!

  1. Lucky you! I am lucky to get to the gym twice a week if I am lucky…but having a trainer for one of the days helps a lot .

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