Re-post BYOC (Bring Your Own Control)

So often we find ourselves going out to dinner and we are somehow caught by surprise when we’re told that there will be a lengthy wait. Most people usually take that time to think about what they plan to order, how hungry they are because they seemingly “forgot” to eat lunch and they end up at the bar while they wait for their names to be called for tables.

 Whether it’s hunger or inebriation that overpowers us, by the time we are seated the only thing we can think about is how long we’ve waited and what we now “deserve” to order because of our hard work of standing by the door. What a crock! PLAN AHEAD AND PLAN TO SUCCEED!

 Last night I went out to dinner. I planned ahead, made myself a really nice, hot travel mug of coffee and brought it with me. When the hostess told my party of 8 that there would be a 45 minute wait, everyone else suddenly lost control and looked panicked – I stayed cool and collected because I brought something to do! No need to order from the bar – I had my drink. No need to worry about pending hunger – I was satisfied by the warm beverage filling my stomach. By the time we were seated and the rest of my party was agitated, I was calm and peaceful and alert enough to carefully examine the menu. I made some wise choices, conferred with the waiter about how certain selections were prepared and further proceeded to choose my entrée. This was even a birthday dinner for a child so you KNOW there was dessert. Was I THEN caught by surprise? HECK NO! I STILL HAD SOME COFFEE LEFT; coffee that I sipped while the children ate the cake. This was the most pleasant experience we’ve had at this restaurant food-wise and we actually had a great server too.


Go see Brandon at Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Wellington and tell him TeamJohnny sent you!




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