The W.A.V.E.S. of Sabotage

More often than not, we are victims of sabotage; from family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Everywhere you turn someone seems to be setting you up to fail. Is this intentional? Good question!

You have to do a reality check from time to time and analyze who and what you have in your life. Do you have that friend that won’t eat something greasy, gooey or cheesy unless you do it with them? Maybe you’ve had someone hand you a pan of brownies and all of a sudden they utter that deadly phrase, “I made them just for you!” Well, then! If you made them for ME then I should eat them all, myself! And eat them all, right now! DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Sabotage comes to those who can’t spot it upon arrival. Remember to make WAVES:

W – Weaponry – the polite and efficient responses you use to fend off a food-pushing pal

A – Armor – develop the thick skin of confidence that causes their words to bounce off of you and back at them

V  – Victory – celebrate successes in other ways than with food, yet equally rewarding

E – Expectations – expecting to succeed will give you a better shot at constant successes than expecting nothing at all

S  – Strategy – how you plan to conduct your counter-assault.

Remember to make waves and the sabotage will soon be gone! (*Johnny WAVES goodbye until next time!)


©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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