Obsessing Over Food

Will there be enough? Should I take more? Why can’t I stop eating? Why does it have to taste so good? These are all questions that those of us with food issues have asked and when you stop to come up with the answers to these inquiries, how far do you get? The next bite!

 So often we habitually make food choices that can either motivate our daily progress or choices that can stop us dead in our tracks. The choice, the guilt, the aftermath – it’s enough to drive one insane. Why should I care about how much I eat? Who gives a hoot what other people think of me? I just wish I could pop a pill for it and wake up thin. Does this really sound like these thoughts are going to get you somewhere?

 If you want yourself to change, YOU have to be the instrument of change. Make a list of what you want to see in your life, for yourself, from yourself and be accountable! Be sure to associate non-food rewards with your goals so when you achieve what you want, you aren’t furthering the circle of sad behaviors. Pay attention to your actions, allow yourself to make mistakes and continue on your path toward achieving your goals. If you hit a speed bump, go slower over the next one. If you run a red light, be prepared to face the consequences. Most importantly, always remember: The road to success is always under construction!

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