The Most Powerful Tool in the Toolbox

The most powerful tool in the “Toolbox” is the Journal. Whether you keep it digitally, on your smart phone or handwrite it each day. checking in with yourself is the strongest way to monitor what you are up to.

From food to feelings to events and occasions, figuring yourself out is one of the coolest things you can do. I started keeping journals at the age of 16, against my will, because my Junior Improv teacher made us do it. He marketed writing by telling us we could write whatever we wanted – whether it was the same expletives over and over, or actual content. “It’s a mainstream of consciousness,” he said. He didn’t read the journal but hoped that through that practice we would find out something about ourselves. When you know your strengths, you can use the artillery of newfound positivity to ward off the pending consequences of negativity. Eleven years later, I have filled twelve different journals with all kinds of content. I certainly have a better idea about who I am than I did when I was sixteen.

The number one type of journal to keep, in my opinion, is a Food & Feelings Journal. On one side, log what you ate and drank that day. On the other side, throughout the day, log your feelings. Did you start the day in an awful mood? Did the middle of your day get better? How did you feel when you got home? What was on your mind before bed? Take a nice, long look at your reflections of the day and then take a gander at your food choices. How do they vary, day-to-day? Do you eat better when you feel better? When your day starts off rocky, do you turn to Rocky Road?

The power to change your SELF is within you! You just have to be willing to make the first pen or keystroke.

©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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