So much salad, so little dressing!

When making a salad, it’s important to throw in as many veggies as you can to bulk it up, that is, if that’s what you like. However, most of us think that for a huge salad we need to use a BOTTLE of salad dressing. NOT true! So how do you get around it?

SHAKE THINGS UP! This is my favorite method – shake the salad in a container with a measured amount of salad dressing (use the suggested serving size on the label if out of a purchased bottle). I promise- you will have dressing on every bite without drenching the salad! You should want to taste the components of the salad, not just using the salad as a vehicle to eat dressing! If, for some reason, your salad isn’t wet enough for you and you’re using a vinegar-based dressing, buy some of that vinegar by itself and add it to the salad! Harmless!

Another great way to control your dressing is to dip your fork into a side of dressing and then poke your salad. You’ll cut down on a lot of excess, wasted calories that you can use for something else…LIKE CHOCOLATE!!!

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One thought on “So much salad, so little dressing!

  1. Great idea. My husband usually has his salad swimming in dressing. I am having a big salad for dinner tonite with grilled chicken and will try this way of dressing salad. Hope it works!

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