Welcome to TeamJohnny!!!

During his career as a weight loss motivator, Johnny Potrekus has helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds! In conjunction with their weight loss, clients of Johnny’s coaching have also become healthier through:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • lowering cholesterol
  • controlling Diabetes
  • exploring and changing their eating behaviors
  • exercising portion control
  • becoming educated in general nutrition
  • becoming educated in the ingredients that are in the foods they are eating
  • and much, much more!

Founded by Johnny Potrekus in 2009, TeamJohnny began as a forum where people with weight issues could seek and receive constant motivation, tips and tricks.  Through the use of social media, hundreds of people started “liking” what he was doing and made committed pilgrimages to see the presentations given by the very animated motivator. Now, with a following in the thousands, TeamJohnny has evolved into a practice of “Health” Coaching.

Johnny’s coaching is available privately, one-on-one; as part of a ‘team’ of two or more; and in corporate environments that can host Laugh and Learn sessions administered by Johnny, during lunch hours or as day seminars. Coaching is personalized to every client, team and corporate group.  If you’re interested in lowering your individual or group health insurance costs, becoming the healthiest, most enthusiastic version of yourself and administering the ultimate level of control of what you eat, JOIN THE TEAM!

Check out the Coaching tab for rates and team information! All clients receive an initial, FREE 30 MINUTE MEET & GREET WITH JOHNNY!!! Still not sure you want to join the team? Email Johnny at TeamJohnnyUSA@gmail.com or call 561-536-6316 to have all of your questions answered!


©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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