Create Your Ultimate Life


Everyone wants to live an Ultimate Life! Everyone wants to be happy, prosperous and loved. Everyone wants the freedom to be who they are and to have everything they desire to enhance their physical existence.

But how do we go about achieving an Ultimate Life?

Everything we want is obtainable. There is absolutely nothing that we cannot have. If it exists in thought, it will exist in physically manifested form. There are, however, limitations that we place on ourselves and all that we desire, which can cause delay and doubt when such desires remain outstanding.

Through the Universal Laws; the Law of Attraction, the Science of Deliberate Creation and the Art of Allowing, each and every one of us can manifest an ULTIMATE existence!

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching combines the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual health into one approach. Each main component of our existence is factored into a customized approach, designed to teach you how to balance all areas of your Self.

Dr. Bergstrom teaches students:
• How to heighten personal energy levels
• How to breathe to calm the mind and body in order to connect, spiritually
• How to identify food sensitivities and intolerances
• The importance of implementing and maintaining a healthy diet
• Meditation
• How to balance the Seven Chakras
• How to increase mental focus
• How to create an Ultimate Life


You’ve already taken the first step, which is acknowledging that you WANT to live ultimately.

Dr. Johnny Bergstrom is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, Thought Leader, Wellness Adviser, Speaker, Author and Metaphysical Practitioner. Since 2007, Dr. Bergstrom has led thousands toward living happier, healthier, ULTIMATE lives.

Dr. Bergstrom teaches others how to transform their current realities into what he has deemed an, “Ultimate Life.” His highly effective, holistic approach has coached clients in both corporate and private sectors to initiate their forward, ULTIMATE thinking – thinking beyond anything they have ever experienced.

Dr. Bergstrom coaches his clients to literally “think” their ULTIMATE lives into the point of manifestation. Coaching is administered live, either in person or via Skype and exact details can be discussed during your Complimentary Assessment Session, which lasts about an hour.

Dr. Bergstrom, through his own self-practice, has transformed what used to be his “reality” into what is now, his Ultimate Life. “I know what it’s like to hate myself. I know what it’s like to be so depressed, you can’t get out of bed. I used to hate everyone else because they got to enjoy their lives while I was sentenced to the hell that was mine. That’s how I used to think. Now, I understand how life works. I understand that the mental strength that I have guarantees my life endurance, reinforces my mental convictions and reaffirms my choices to be whole and healthy. I know what it’s like to stand in your shoes and I understand exactly how you feel. You can choose to work with whatever professional for whatever reasons – but in the realm of bettering your “Self” and your life, wouldn’t it be awesome to work with someone who has been where you are and has transformed his life into one that is ULTIMATE? I can identify with you and your struggles, will never judge you, and am able to motivate and inspire you to achieve every goal you desire.”

What results can be expected from Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, as well as being coached by Dr. Johnny Bergstrom?

YOU WILL BEGIN CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE! Dr. Bergstrom can teach you how to consciously “think” your life into existence! What we think about we bring about and it is only by becoming conscious of what we are thinking about that we can begin to change what we are bringing about. Dr. Bergstrom can coach you, your company and your employees to get the most out of life, yourselves, your jobs, your relationships and everything else we want!

Dr. Bergstrom is an active blogger and publishes articles often, which you can receive for FREE in your email. Slide your eyes over to the bottom right of your screen – see that area that says “Follow?” Click the “Follow” tab, enter your email address and submit. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide and you simply have to check your email and confirm via the link provided in the email. It’s an easy, FREE way to get Dr. Bergstrom’s articles right in your email!

The mission is to teach others how to create and live the Ultimate Life! We are all in this Universe together. We are here to help each other. We are here to raise each other up, celebrate life, encourage all successes, empower all efforts to victories and inspire each other to be as great as we can imagine being.

Let’s have that ULTIMATE conversation about how you can create your ULTIMATE LIFE!
Your world lies in your hands – take the next step and email your inquiry to see how Dr. Johnny Bergstrom can teach you how to change your world – whether your world is just you, your company or organization, your employees, or someone else in your life! Email your inquiry to!

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